Formed in the Spring of 2016, Voices of Autism is focused on providing the Pacific Autism Family Network insight and input from the perspective of self-identifying individuals. Composed of eight advisors and one chair, Voices of Autism elects self-identifying individuals to provide input on communications, design and artwork, stakeholder engagement, program development, and event hosting. Voices of Autism was responsible for informing the PAFN on design elements of the Centre including murals, decals and signage as  well as programs and stakeholder engagement. There are three options for involvement with the VOA.

  1. Voices. Voices are members of the VOA. Voices are the heart of what we do. We can’t make change without knowing what needs to change. Voices are encouraged to network with each other, Ambassadors and Advisors. Voices will be offered volunteer opportunities and chances to meet Allies to help create positive change in their communities. What do you want to see happen in your community, province and nationally? Together we can work to make progress for ourselves and each other!
  2. Ambassadors. Voices have opportunities to be interviewed for social media, volunteer at VOA events, create group projects, create community events and much more.
  3. Allies. Allies are those folks who love someone on the spectrum but don’t have autism themselves. Allies can be anyone who loves you or wants to support you. Our allies are here for our Voices and to help us further reduce the gap between what we need and what type of support we are given. Allies can also be friends, teachers, first responders, librarians, custodians, postal service workers, and more including, of course, family.